Reciprocating Compressor Features:

BELT TIGHTENER - Provided for getting proper belt tension.
RELIABLE MAKE MOTOR - TEFC/SPDP construction giving trouble free service.
SOLID STEEL BASE - Proper guage with heavy base for compressor and motor with slide rails ensuring fixed alignment and belt adjustment.
STEEL TANK - Proper guage construction conforming to BS/IS specifications with standard fittings viz., pressure guage, safety valve and drain cock.
V-BELT DRIVE - Rugged construction ensuring long life.
OIL PLUG - Easy access to enable oil change and flushing of compressor frame.
SPLASH LUBRICATION - Simple and efficient with no pipes to crack or clog, thereby eliminating any wearing parts.
UNLOADING DEVICE - Automatically releases air from the cylinders and intercooler prevents starting under load whenever compressor stops. Also eliminates possibility of stalling or burning out of motor.
RELIEF LINE - Unloading device opens the valve in the pipe, releasing air from the cylinders and intercooler thereby relieving them of pressure every time the compressor stops, totally enclosed within the compressor frame protected from dust and abrasive material.
ONE PIECE CONNNECTING RODS - Solid construction permitting close tolerance and reliable bearing design. No bolts or nuts to come loose or adjust.
MULTI-FINNED INTERCOOLER - Provided with numerous fins helping efficient cooling thereby preventing carbonization of valves.
GROOVED PULLEYS - Grooved compressor and motor pulleys ensuring perfect V-belt drive with sufficient reserve capacity.
FINNED CYLINDERS - Separately cast and bolted to the frame with improved cooling because of finned construction.
FLOATING PISTON PIN - Floating construction ensures long life with retaining rings at either ends thereby avoiding cylinder scoring.
PISTON RING CONSTRUCTION - 2 Compression and 2 Oil Wiper rings ensuring low oil consumption and reducing oil vapour in the discharge line.
CONCENTRIC RING / FINGER VALVES - Quick acting, heat treated high grade steel. Large flow area and durable construction preventing breakage or warping. Less heat and carbon built-up with multiple small valves. High grade steel concentric ring plate valves on units above 5 H.P.
SUCTION FILTER - Trouble free, noiseless and easily cleaned, purifying air thoroughly thereby increasing life of the compressor.