Did You Know?
PNEUMECH's compact designed rotary screw compressors have an oil sump capacity which is less than half of conventional rotary screw compressor designs.

This ensures:
1. Lesser oil consumption.
2. Lesser maintenance cost on oil.

And Yet:
1. Operating Temperatures of system are maintained between 50 - 60 deg. C.
2. Operating life of oil is above 8000 hours.
3. Oil Carryover at discharge is 2-3 ppm

And So:
The next time you plan to purchase a rotary screw compressor, DON'T forget to ask your vendor for the:
1. Oil Sump Capacity
2. Operating Life of Oil
3. Price of Oil
4. First Changeover (in hours)

REMEMBER: The best deal price on purchase of your rotary screw compressor does not necessarily mean you have saved on maintenance costs. Your running screw compressor needs more attention and YOU need to have enough knowledge of the cost of consumables.