We are a group of companies manufacturing air compressors and have our own manufacturing facility located at Turbhe,Navi Mumbai, and are marketing and selling air compressors through M/s. PNEUMECH COMPRESSOR CO. since 1977.

All our expertise and technical know-how combined with strict quality consciousness have gone into making our Air Compressors a name to reckon with, not only in India, but in several countries including U.S.A, Malaysia, Singapore,Kenya, Sri Lanka, U.A.E, K.S.A. etc. Our PRODUCT range is mentioned below:

Air-cooled, Reciprocating single / two / three stage air compressors ranging from 0.5 H.P. through 30 H.P. & capacities ranging from 2.7 CFM through 125 CFM with pressures ranging from 4 kg/cm2 to 15 kg/cm2.

Vertical, Water-cooled, reciprocating double-acting air compressors of 25 H.P., 30 H.P., 40 H.P., 50 H.P. & 60 H.P. with actual deliveries of 100 CFM, 150 CFM, 200 CFM & pressure ranges upto 8.5 kg/cm2.

High Pressure Air-cooled air compressors having ranges of 3 H.P., 5 H.P., 7.5 H.P., 12.5 H.P., 15 H.P. & 20 H.P. for pressures upto 60 kg/cm2 & capacity ranging upto 35 CFM actual delivery.
Helical Screw air compressors ranging from 10 H.P. upto 350 H.P. in the air-cooled range and 400 H.P. upto 500 H.P. in the water cooled range.

Air Tanks / Receivers ranging from 25 ltrs upto 5000 ltrs.
Heatless Desiccant Type Air Dryers ranging from 10 CFM upto 2000 CFM
Automatic Drain Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, FRL (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator) etc.

M/s. PNEU-MECH ENGINEERS, our sister company, manufactures spare parts at the same Turbhe, Navi Mumbai factory having latest machine tools and by exercising strict quality control, we have been able to supply OEM quality, performance proven “PNEUMECH” spares suitable for various makes of air/gas compressors viz. Ingersoll Rand, CPT,KG Khosla, Kirloskar, Atlas Copco etc.

M/s. PNEUMECH ENSAVE PVT. LTD. offers online leak sealing services to various petrochemical and fertilizer plants in India. Pioneers of online leak sealing in India, “PNEUMECH” manufactures its own indigenous set of compounds being rubber based, fibre based and Teflon based to cater to various types of leaks including acids, alkalis, organic chemical etc.

Our satisfied clients all over India and the world, since 1977, will vouch for the reliability and quality of “PNEUMECH” spares for air/gas compressors. Infact, it will be your ONE-STOP-SHOP.

“PNEUMECH” today boasts of clients such as M/s. ACC Limited, M/s. Advani Oerlikon Ltd., M/s. B.A.R.C., Trombay, M/s. Century Enka Ltd., M/s. Indian Navy, M/s. Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corp. Limited, M/s. Essel Propack Limited, M/s. Rangoli Plastics, M/s. Mahavir Containers, M/s. Ramesh Plastics, M/s. Shree Venkatesh Industries etc. and their repeat orders on us well justify the confidence they have in our products.